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General Dentistry

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General dentistry encompasses all the preventive and restorative treatments and procedures aimed at helping you enjoy optimal oral health throughout your lifetime. Routine dental exams and cleanings may be the cornerstones of a good general dentistry treatment plan, but that’s not all general dentistry includes. As a leading dentist in Oakmont, Dr. Michael Rice is experienced in all aspects of general dentistry, including treatments aimed at preventing diseases and decay, treating oral health problems, and helping you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. At Oakmont General & Implant Dentistry, we use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and manage oral health issues in patients of all ages, so you can always feel confident you’re receiving the best care tailored to your unique needs.

General Dentistry Services at Our Oakmont Practice

Dr. Rice is skilled in the latest developments in general dentistry, offering advanced solutions to support good oral health in adults and kids. Our treatment options include:

Same Day Dental Care

No one plans to have a toothache or other dental emergency. Our team provides same-day dental care to help patients stay comfortable and to help prevent more serious issues from developing.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Also called white fillings, tooth-colored fillings are tinted to match the surrounding natural tooth, so no one but you and your dentist know you’ve had a restoration. Tooth-colored fillings help you enjoy your most beautiful smile, and they also form a strong bond with the tooth to reduce your risk of decay. White fillings can be used to fill a new cavity or to replace dark metal fillings, so your smile looks healthy, fresh and picture-perfect.

Root Canals 

Root canals are an excellent way to preserve a natural tooth that’s been badly damaged by decay, infection or trauma. Today’s root canal procedures use advanced pain management techniques, which means you can get the treatment you need to prevent tooth loss without worrying about pain.

Dental Sealants

Clear dental sealants coat the chewing surfaces of your teeth, helping to prevent decay-causing bacteria from entering your teeth. Traditionally, dental sealants have been used to prevent cavities in kids, but today they can be used in adults, too.

Routine Checkups, Cleanings and X-Rays

Having your teeth and gums examined twice a year is one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and regular X-rays can help spot issues that can’t be seen during a visual exam. Plus, regular cleanings are essential for removing hard tartar and sticky plaque, both of which harbor bacteria that cause gum disease. We’ll also examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer or other problems that respond best to early treatment. And of course, we’ll provide you with tips to help you maintain your healthy smile in between office visits.

General dentistry provides you with the care and treatment you need to improve your oral health and maintain your beautiful smile at every age. To learn more about the treatment options we offer or to schedule an exam and cleaning, call our office at (707) 539-8956 or use our online form and request an appointment with Dr. Rice today.